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Gwinnett County Homeowners: A Heating and Cooling Maintenance Checklist

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Gwinnett County Homeowners - A Heating and Cooling Maintenance ChecklistOne of the most important things a homeowner can do if they want to stay minimize those costly air conditioning and heating system change-outs is routine maintenance. The challenge is, a lot of homeowners are so busy taking care of the other day-to-day items, they’re not always sure of what good maintenance looks like.

Today, we’re posting a checklist you’ll be able to refer to year-round. Ever since we started Hixon Heating and Air back in the 80’s, we pride ourselves on providing excellence service and insight based on tens of thousands of hours in the field. (Trust me, you learn a few things after spending a few hundred hours fixing someone’s A/C in the attic during a HOTlanta summer. It can get up to 120 degrees up there!)

Let’s jump into the checklist….

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